Laboratory Animal Program Rates

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The rates for FY'17 per diems, beginning July 1, 2016, will increase by 3% over the FY'16 rates. Per diem rates in the future will incorporate an inflationary increase of 3-5 percent as necessary (determined by OSPA and LAP), and adjusted so as to maintain the goal of ~50:50 cost-sharing between users and the administration. These rates have been developed with input from vivarium users and the Graduate Council Research Committee.

Vivarium Charges

There will be no surcharge on animal orders.

Per Diem Rates are as follows: 

*Charges on mice are per cage per day, rather than per animal per day.

rates described for lavoratory animal program

Laboratory Animal Program Rates
Species FY 17 +3%
Mice* $0.479
Rats $0.399
Hamster $0.399
Rabbit $1.379
Guinea Pig $0.843
Chicken $0.810
Naked Mole Rat $0.479

Special Handling

$30.00 per hour

Labor charges for extra services provided by the animal caretakers (Example: extra cage changes, setting up breeders, weaning.)

Special Care and Treatment

Application of topical and oral medicine: cost of medicine, plus 20% and technical service charge of $0.50 per treatment.

Nail and teeth trimming: $12.00

Collecting samples for diagnostic tests and administering various drugs for treatment: cost of materials plus 20% plus technical labor at $30.00/hour


CO²: any species - technical services charge - $30.00 /hour

Other methods and other species: Cost of materials plus 20% plus technical labor at $30.00/hour

Procedure Room Usage

(Reservations please)

No supplies requested and no clean-up required: no charge

Supplies: cost plus 20%

Clean-up: $30.00/hour

Surgery Room Usage

(Reservations please)

Room usage: no charge as long as it is cleaned/mopped after use

Anesthesia equipment:  rental $15.00 per use and cost of materials: Oxygen, Isoflurane and F/Air canister plus 20%

Drugs: cost plus 20%

Surgical assistance (vivarium technician): $30.00 /hour

Transportation Charges

Airline/trucking: cost

Shipping box and labor in preparation for shipping: $150.00 for 1st crate. Additional crates + supplies at cost plus 20%.

USDA Health Certificates: $5.00


Autoclaving Services

Autoclave use: $30.00/load


Necropsy and histopathology initiated by veterinarian: no charge

Necropsy and histopathology requested by researcher: charges negotiable

Laboratory Diagnostics

Routine animal health surveillance:  no charge

Diagnostic tests requested for research purposes: standard hourly rate, plus 20% surcharge on materials used